Introduction to Online Casino Deposits

  • Jan 23, 2021

A casino bonus is simply something extra offered by casinos to their players. A bonus may be in form of free spins, onsite currency, a bonus that matches a deposit, or even a free game. Bonuses are granted to farmers depending on the type of players. They might be new players or existing players. The bonus may come as a sign-up package, loyalty, reload, or even general promotion. When you utilize the bonuses well, you can enhance your gambling experience and also get a chance to explore the casino site without much risk. For those new in gambling, you should familiarize yourself with different bonuses available. No Deposit, Highroller, Cashback, Reload, Free Spins, Free Play, and Welcome/Sign-Up are some of the most common bonuses you will find in different casinos. Lets put our focus mostly on No Deposit bonuses. So what are they and why should we be concerned? Read more here.

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonus is exactly as the name suggests. It is a type of bonus that a casino gives to its players to have the freedom of trying out games without having any risk. It may be in form of cash or bonus fuds. Such a bonus does not require you to do any bonus. You only sign-up to the casino of choice and unlock it. A no deposit bonus is always restricted to the number of times you can claim without doing any deposit. If you abuse such bonuses, the casino will restrict you from enjoying such services. A no deposit bonus is also small in size. Obviously, no casino will be willing to give out a lot of cash that is not guaranteed to come back. The amount offered in a no deposit bonus also depends on the financial position of the casino. Most big casinos offers a bigger bonus.

As a player, it is always good to take advantage of no deposit bonuses. You can utilize the amount given to that bonus to try different games available in that casino. In case you are not impressed by any game, it is good to look for another casino with such bonuses. You can also use the no deposit bonus to get familiar with your ideal game. A player can also withdraw any winnings associated with a no deposit bonus. Since there are a lot of online casinos available, it is always hard to attract and retain players. Every casino uses its own strategies to remain competitive. Most of them will use no deposit bonus to accelerate signing up and making the first deposit. There are different terms and conditions associated with such deposits. Before you claim any bonus, it is good to keenly read and understand the bonus policy.


Ways to Acquire No Deposit Bonuses

There are different ways in which you can claim your no deposit bonus. The first way is to create an account with the casino. A new account is always seen as a potential for a long time playing. Creating your account is not the only requirement. You have to prove that the account is yours and make it active. It is done by confirming your account. In most cases, an activation link is sent to your email account. In other casinos, you will also be required to link your site with a payment service provider. In most cases, you will be required to have an active account from a bank, Skrill, Paypal, Neteller, Paysafecard, Mastercard, Credit, or Debit card. Once the payment service is verified, you can use your bonus. In other cases, you acquire a bonus in case you refer a friend with a promotional code offered by the casino.

Another way to acquire a bonus is through marketing the casino site. Most of such sites will require a player to do a bit of marketing. The most common way is to subscribe to their different channels. It may be a simple email list where you will be getting promotional materials from the casino. It can also be a YouTube channel where you like and subscribe. Other casinos run blogs where you will be required to visit the page, read the content, like it, and also share the content with social media such as Facebook and Twitter. In other casinos, you might also be required to write a positive comment or review somewhere online and then send them a link to confirm. Well, the above ways are all aimed at making the site known to a wider audience. They are just simple tasks that can shower you with hefty bonuses.

Wagering Requirement On Bonuses

The wagering requirement is simply a multiplier representing the number of times you have to play a bonus before making it withdrawable. Wagering required is used by the casinos to protect the misuse of the bonuses. Most no deposit bonuses have the highest wagering requirement. Such casinos will need your player to stay for a longer period of time playing in a casino. For example, casino X is offering a no deposit bonus of €10 and a wagering requirement of 30x for 30 days. It means you must wager at list €300 before you can withdraw your bonus or any winning associated with the bonus. The bonus is restricted to 30 days. If they pass before satisfying the wagering requirement, you will lose the bonus. There is no standard measure of the wagering requirement. It is set by the casino. Most wagering requirements range between 15x and 50x.

Any winnings that you acquire on the way to satisfy the wagering requirement will be kept in a virtual account and will not be withdrawable before satsying the wagering requirement. Before playing on any no deposit bonus, it is always good to know the wagering requirement. It is written on the casino bonus policy that is found on the terms and conditions page. The Wagering requirement is always hidden somewhere on the site. It is your duty of a player to search and finds that information. Just because the casino does not indicate that the bonus has a wagering requirement, it does not mean that it is not there. The best wagering requirement should be 40x or below. If you play on a high wagering requirement, it will take a lot of time for you to satisfy it. In other cases, you will lose all your money before reaching the wagering requirement.

No Deposit Bonus Without Wagering Requirements

A no deposit bonus without wagering requirement is a special type of bonus that does not require a player to satisfy any wagering requirement. Such bonuses are available on few casinos. Such bonuses may be in the form of free money, free games, or free spins. A player is not required to deposit any cash when claiming such a bonus. A non-wager bonus is always small in size, maybe less than €10. Such bonuses are to players to motivate them to wager in such a casino. The beauty of such a deposit is the fact that you can withdraw it in such a way or use it to try the game of your choice. Only a few online casinos are offering such bonuses. Only casinos with better financial muscle can be in a position to provide such bonuses. Once you create an account successfully, such fun is released directly to your wallet.


No Deposit Bonus Without Wagering Requirements